30 September 2015

Relationships (PART 3)

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You have to love 20/20 hindsight!

Flags! Red flag! Big red flags … not one or two but enough to create bunting which could decorate a major road.

That is usually the end point for an individual in a dysfunctional relationship once they have consented to reflect; reflect and to acknowledge the true state of their personal relationship with their significant other.

Most couples let things fester. Most people only attend to things when the crisis finally, though inevitably, arises.

It is not a wise practise to ignore the elephant in the room.

A history of lack of dialogue and acknowledgement of their true feelings only results in a series of multiple passive aggressive attacks — death by a thousand paper cuts.

It’s painful; and possibly preventable but only if the individuals of the dyad have capacity.

And here we return to the salient point. A relationship of any kind is only as healthy and robust as the combination of all parties.

In our culture, at this time, insightlessness is rampant.

We live in a society where self reflection is not valued; time out perceived by the majority as indulgent and lazy. Stay busy and ignore one’s needs is the current mantra.

BUT we do so at our own peril.

The good news is that the couples who do seek relationship counselling (or at least the one willing party of the pair) have enough insight to call the damage which is done or being done. Is it too late? I don’t know. Is change possible? Depends upon the true motivation and capacity of each individual to own their contribution; and their capacity to be frustrated as they learn to try something new and work for a bigger picture, the greater good.

Life coaching Sydney

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