15 September 2015

Relationships (PART 1)

Relationship Counselling Sydney

Dr. Thomas Downey -B.SC., M.B.B.S., M.MED. (PSYCHOTHERAPY), F.A.C.PSYCH.MED.
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Our new romantic relationships can be sublime and especially so when we are in the hypnotic swoon of limerence.

But given enough time it is possible that the shine can become a little (or a lot) tarnished.

Reality may challenge any idolisation which we have projected upon the other.

Any data which had been collected and analysed now means that the results are coming through.

This can be emotionally tough as one needs to operate with the deepest sense of self honesty. We owe it to ourself and we owe it to the other.


Caveat: try and be fair! What did you project upon the other (from your own side) as oppose to what they inferred or said they were (from their side)?

Personal insightfulness is never a given. As humans we can be very self deceptive creatures as it takes phenomenal capacity to hold ourselves still, be grounded and acknowledge our truth.

Let’s face it sometimes we really don’t like what we see. Classically, it becomes a case of “if this part is true, then what is my complimentary role which created such a fit?”

See? Glorious if the analysis is positive, but challenging if not so.

No surprise, I don’t see the couples for relationship matters if the going if fine.

I am fortunate enough to work with those whose analysis has less of a great prognosis… ESPECIALLY IF NOTHING CONSTRUCTIVE IS DONE.

I think it takes a collective insight and willingness to confront whatever the situation is on the part of the couple. This journey, while rewarding, can be an exercise of digging deep individually for the collective good. You will be asked to tolerate a level of discomfort which perhaps you haven’t held before all for the greater good.

Now, clearly, relationship counselling does not guarantee a particular outcome. But, it does guarantee further data, more refined analysis and a truly informed decision as to whether to stay together or separate.

Relationship Counselling Sydney

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