12 October 2015


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SO, What do I see at the psychotherapeutic coal face?

As a general rule people who initially present in distress usually commence with

QUESTION (1) What do others do to me?

e.g. “my boyfriend always …..”; “my boss always…..”. etc.

These stories are very distressing and, potentially, true or at least perceived as true.
It is the beginning of the work — but it is not the work per se.

Whilst some relief may be gained through ventilating such tales it doesn’t really take anyone to a place of solution. It doesn’t install agency to the story. The beginning of therapy is all about containment and creating a venue of safety.

QUESTION (2) What do I do to others?

This question has some gravits; it may take us somewhere.

Ownership of both our good and not so good behaviours and comments can be very hard to own but it will at least, potentially, allow for a break the cycle.

Taking ownership means taking responsibility and, hopefully, knowing one can take some control (even if it is limited) in our exchange with others.

But the most challenging, and most rewarding aspect is

Question (3) What do I do to myself?

Three times is a pattern people suggest.

An ability to be still and self reflect in a state of deep self compassion is fundamental for permeant and wise change. Naming and owning the habit means we all may take ultimate responsibly for self care.

That is such a power place to consciously manoeuvre from.

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